Pre-Check Instructions

How to Pre-Check online

before your scheduled office appointment 

Patients can log in to their Patient Portal and complete their pre-check within 7 days of their appointment date. For a seamless experience, we suggest patients to complete their pre-check prior to arriving to the office. 

step 1

Log in

Log in to your Patient Health Portal

Your upcoming appointment appears on your home page and on the Appointments page.


Click "Check in now" 

step 1

Confirm Details

1. Confirm the date and time of your scheduled appointment
2. Confirm or update your contact and personal information.

3.  Select Yes to receive text alerts from our office about your appointment. 

4. To add a pharmacy to your patient record: 

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add Pharmacy". In the Select a Pharmacy window, search for and select the pharmacy.

5. Click Save and Continue.

step 3

Update Health Record

  • Complete the health history form 
  • Pay your copay or outstanding balance 
  • Sign consent forms

You are now ready for your appointment! 

Arrive to your schedule appointment, sign in at the front desk and provide:

  • Drivers license 

  • Insurance Card

  • Referral 

  • Copay

  • Deductible


What is AthenaHealth?

AthenaHealth is the electronic health records (EHR) system we use in our doctor office to provide better service for our patients.

What are the benefits of using AthenaHealth?

With AthenaHealth you can view your health information at your own convenience.

How do I access my account from my mobile device?


I forgot my AthenaHealth Password

Please click here to change your password.

Logging in

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

To begin password reset, click the "Forgot password?" link at the bottom of your screen and enter the email address you normally use to log in to your patient portal. You’ll be asked to confirm access to this email address in addition to confirming the security option you set up previously for your account (either entering a code sent to your recovery phone number or answering a security question) before setting your new password. If this is your first time logging in and you have questions on how to set up your security option, please see the section for "Choosing your security option". For more instructions on completing password reset, please see the section for "Resetting your password if you forgot it".

Can I change the email address I use to log in?

Since your email address is how we recognize your account across the different patient portals you may use, you cannot change the email address associated with your account. However if you no longer have access to this email or would like to use a different one, you can register a new account under your preferred email address. To do so, please contact your provider to have them update your email address on file and send you a new invitation to the patient portal.