With Telemedicine,

We Bring the Office To You

Telemedicine lets you easily connect with Dr. Nullman through easy-to-use video conferencing. 


Click "Check in now" to complete the digital registration. 

Your upcoming appointment appears on your home page and on the Appointments page.

Preparing for your Virtual Appointment

Digital Registration 

Update your Health History, e-Sign all documents and consent forms by logging into your AthenaHealth Patient Portal account.



Please be aware that your registration will not be considered complete unless all required forms and documents have been submitted. 


Starting Your Virtual Visit 

On the day of your appointment, you will receive a text and/or email that includes the details of your visit and the URL for access to your telehealth session. The secure URL will be activated only on the day of your appointment. 

1. Click the URL and enable camera to share camera and microphone. Preview and manage your device settings (test audio and video) Make sure that your camera and microphone access are not blocked in your browser settings.

2. Enter your name, to be displayed when your provider joins the call

3. Consent to athenaTelehealth Terms of Use and Informed Patient Consent

4. Enter the private virtual waiting room

Virtual Waiting Room 

Please wait patiently as you would in a physical office waiting room. While you wait in our virtual waiting room, make sure you have the following items available:

Photo ID
Health insurance card or information
List of all current medication you are taking
Credit Card
Copies of records from doctors related to your visit with us.

Virtual Consultation

Your appointment begins in the waiting room with our Medical Assistant reviewing your chart. If you get disconnected or exit by mistake, click the link again. 

Browser Requirements

Your virtual visit experience works on desktop and mobile, but only via web browser. You don't need to download an application to your device. Browser requirements include:


  • Google Chrome (latest three versions), for macOS and Windows

  • Microsoft Edge (chromium-based, version 79 and later), for Windows

  • Safari (version 12+) on macOS

  • Firefox (latest three versions), for macOS and Windows


  • Google Chrome on android (latest three versions)

  • Safari on iOS 12+ (This feature doesn't support other browsers such as Chrome on iOS)

Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t I see myself?

Another app might be using your camera. Try shutting down all other apps or restarting your device, and then rejoin your call. This should free up your camera for use. Your camera may also be blocked or disabled. To make sure your device is set up for a successful call, go through our simple pre-call device check.

Are telemedicine appointments covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies typically cover Telemedicine appointments. Patients will be charged the same co-pay and/or deductible as an in-person visit. Please call 305.534.4404 to schedule telemedicine appointment.

I can’t hear my provider. What should I do?

Make sure your device volume is up and that you don’t have the sound on mute. If you have headphones or other speakers connected, check to see if the sound is playing there. If you’re using Bluetooth speakers, first check that your device and speakers have been set up as a pair. If they are already paired, make sure that Bluetooth is switched to “on” on your device. To make sure your device is set up for a successful call, go through our simple pre-call device check.

Is my athenaTelehealth call private and secure?

Yes, athenaTelehealth calls are private and secure. The app is HIPAA compliant. Every online appointment gets a unique link. The links are never reused or copied, and they are never accessible to anyone else.

When should I join my call?

Join your call 5-10 mins before your scheduled time to check your connection and make sure everything is ready for when your provider joins. Your appointment link will only work on the day of your appointment. If you want to test the link, you can do this on the same day of your appointment. Each appointment will get its own separate link, even if you have more than one appointment on the same day. Be sure to use the right link to get into the right appointment.

My provider can’t hear me. What should I do?

Check your sound and equipment: Make sure you’re not on mute. If you’re on an Android device and this is your first call, you will need to mute and unmute at the start of the call. Your browser will show you a permission check for your camera and microphone. After you give that permission, you will be set and won’t have to do this again. Check that your internet connection is working. If you’re on a mobile device, make sure you’re connected to WiFi. See if your microphone is blocked or disabled and try enabling it. If you’re using headphones or a headset, disconnect them and use your device’s speakers and microphone instead. If you’re using a Bluetooth headset, you may need to disable Bluetooth as well. If that didn’t fix the problem, try checking your device itself: Shut down any other apps. Close other browser tabs and windows. They may be using the microphone. They may also be taking up internet bandwidth and memory on your device. This includes unused apps, background apps, and streaming apps like Netflix or YouTube. Check that your browser isn’t in private mode or an incognito window. Disable low power mode on battery-powered devices. Plug the device in to charge to get out of low power mode. Restart your device to close down any other apps that are using up power. Your internet connection could also be causing problems. Try these steps: If you’re on a WiFi connection, move closer to the router. If your router is in a cupboard or far away from your device, consider moving it to a central location in your home for better overall signal. You can also try switching to the 5GHz frequency to increase the bandwidth available to your device. Other devices close to your router could also disrupt your signal. Consider moving those further away. If other people in your household are also using the internet, see if they can stop while you make your call. Use an ethernet cable to directly connect to your router instead of using WiFi for a more stable connection. Contact your internet service provider. They may be able to help troubleshoot problems and offer different options for faster connection if your signal strength is fine but your speed is slow. Because of COVID-19, some internet companies are slowing down internet traffic on purpose during high demand hours. This helps with connection problems while so many people are streaming videos at home. If you think this is happening to you, ask your internet service provider to allow normal traffic to because you are using it to get healthcare. To make sure your device is set up for a successful call, go through our simple pre-call device check.

I started my call but I got disconnected. What should I do?

If you get disconnected, simply refresh the page and rejoin your call. You can also access the visit again using the same URL you were initially provided.

Why is my appointment virtual?

Dr. Nullman is currently doing all consultations virtually to limit exposure due to COVID-19. Procedures are not virtual, however will require a COVID test prior to the visit.

Can I have a caretaker or interpreter join me on the call?

Yes, up to four total users can participate in the call simultaneously, including users from both the patient and the provider side. If you require an additional participant be present during the visit, such as a caretaker, the link to the visit can be forwarded or shared with another user.