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"Dr. and office staff polite and courteous. Dr. spent time answering questions in follow-up to colonoscopy. Dr. thoroughly reviewed results of procedure."



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We understand the stress and anxiety that comes along with medical procedures and doctor visits. We strive to make all of our patients feel comfortable and have a seamless experience throughout the entire process. 

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We offer same day appointments for urgent needs, and most appointments can be scheduled within days of your initial call.


Our Telehealth app is HIPPA compliant, and securely connects the patient with the physician. 

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Our number one priority is to update your Health Care Team, and Patient Health Portal using the latest technology Certified to 2015 Edition.


We are conveniently located and accept most major insurance plans.



Colonoscopy is advised for all patients, age 50 and older, as a method of color cancer screening. The procedure is performed using a colonoscope, a long flexible tube that permits visualization of the lining of the large bowel.

Upper GI Endoscopy (EGD)

Upper GI Endoscopy, is a visual examination of the upper intestinal tract using a lighted, flexible, fiber-optic endoscope. 

Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy is a procedure that allows video to be taken of the GI tract as a pill, containing a miniaturized camera, which passes through your digestive system over the course of eight hours.


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The patient portal is an easy and convenient way to manage your health information and communicate privately with your care team. 

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